Ho Hum Sunday

I have spent the ENTIRE morning online trying to find RV’s within 200 miles of home, and I did find one that looks ok – a Bighorn by Heartland, in Chattanooga (about 210 miles); from there I could drive to Woodstock, GA another 150+ miles, to look at a Cedar Creek Silverback, and back home, 160 miles, for a total of about 525 and 9-1/2 hrs driving time. I should probably stay overnight in Chattanooga, (especially since I’m changing the route from what Google maps suggested – from Ashville NW to Knoxville, and then S to Chattanooga – way out of the way!. I’ll go the scenic route.) The Silverback is a later model and is rated higher, but it is 34′ in length which is a couple feet more than what I would like. The Bighorn is 35′, so no better in that respect. From what I’ve heard, when you are towing a 5ver you can’t tell if it’s 30 or 35′ behind you, but I bet you know the difference when backing into a parking spot. I think as soon as the closing date is set I will phone these two dealers to make sure they have the RV’s on their lot.

I finally got showered and dressed (after 1 pm!) and I think I will take a few boxes to my storage unit. I don’t have any big boxes ready, so maybe I can make room in the back of the Jeep for the 2 dogs. I’m sure they are wondering where I go with all those boxes. I have a full tank of gas and sure hate to drive anywhere!

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