What is happening to me?

I don’t understand it but lately my appetite has been ravenous! I never buy processed or junk food, but today I came away from the grocery with a big bag of things I rarely ever eat. I’ve done little but sit at the computer (it’s where the only chair in the house is located), so I’m not working up an appetite…Just the mention of it sent me to the kitchen to open a package of cookies – pecan sandies, not bad. Would black walnut ice cream go with pecan cookies? I’ll try it out.

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One Response to What is happening to me?

  1. Leno says:

    Hey gypsy, we need to indulge every once in awhile. Could be nerves that is increasing your appetite. Happens to me.. I know you are anxious to get things moving. Go ahead and have that ice cream to go along with the cookies.. You deserve it.

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