Phone not working!

I can’t believe my luck! I got a call on my cell phone last night so I ran out onto the deck to talk, as I can’t get a signal indoors. I lost the connection and then the “bars” went away. Living in the trees on the side of a mountain, I find it difficult to get a connection at all. I tried calling the person back on my home phone but it was dead. This morning the home phone is still dead and the cell phone won’t work either. So I went to my Charter service online and emailed them a help request.

I just got an automated reply from them saying that of course, they want to help me and my family in a timely manner, so it would be best if I called them and select option 2 (HAH! that’s just the beginning of the selection process, no doubt). I just wrote them I HAVE NO PHONE SERVICE, and they think I could handle it better by calling them.

Personally I think it’s this kind of crap that is bringing our country down. Add all these little “things you are paying for but don’t get” and you have a complete inter-related system that is broken. And of ALL the days when things need to work properly for me, and I have to deal with this. Wonder if I can even find a pay phone?

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