The sun is shining again

There are angels out there watching over me, and I seem to do my darndest to foil their efforts. Yesterday I was whining about Walmart and the toaster oven that I couldn’t seem to buy. Well today I looked online at the catalog for my credit card’s rewards program, and lo and behold, I got the exact same $40 toaster oven for 9750 points. I needed to use 6000 points before December or I would lose them anyway, so I’m glad the little imps at Walmart put them way up too high to reach.

The funds were FINALLY deposited to the seller’s acct., so I’m expecting the title in the mail tomorrow, which I will forward on to Terri in SD along with appropriate forms and a check for the 3% tax. I’m planning on picking up the rig on Nov. 29 and hope I can drive it back here with no problems. I also called Keystone CG & RV Service Parkin Greencastle, PA and found I would have no problem getting a site at the CG, and can have the needed service done. I asked about washing & waxing the RV, but the estimate of $400 makes me think I will wait until I get into warmer weather and do it myself, a little at a time. A week at a CG with good weather and nothing else to do should give me enough time.

It’s nice to have something to smile about today.

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3 Responses to The sun is shining again

  1. Leno says:

    Thats great news Gypsy. Things always look better the next day.. Good luck!

  2. Jim and Dee says:

    That’s great! You’re on the way. Take notes on how to handle it. I can’t wait to see pictures.

  3. Debbie Goode says:

    Keep thinking happy thoughts–eventually you will be on your way and having a fun, fun, fun!!

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