Safe arrival

Since I missed yesterday (Sunday the 21st) I will combine the account of my last two days. I left Indio, CA at 8 am Sunday morning. The dogs woke me up at 5am, scratching, licking, yawning & stretching, so I finally just got out of bed and prepared for an early departure. I took I-210W around L.A. according to Ms. Garmin’s directions – even got off to refuel and found my way back safely!

The loooooong climb up to the gap and back down into Grapevine was a real killer. My truck performed liked a champ, but the road was really bumpy and there was much more traffic than I would have preferred. CA has a 70 mph speed limit most places, but only 55 for autos pulling trailers and trucks.

I started getting calls from my kids, starting with Mike in NY, urging me to try to make it to Livermore for dinner. My brother and his wife, Rob & Maria, traditionally have everyone to their house a few days before Christmas, and it was a golden opportunity to be with so many of my family. Another brother & his wife, Steve & Nancy came over from Suisuin, and my sister Amy and her two daughters were there, as were my 3 kids and their families. They all toured my 5th wheel and were pretty astonished when we pulled up. I got off the freeway and waited in a parking lot for my son (Steve) to come over and drive me to Rob’s house. It is a very easy drive and the streets are wide, but at that point I was exhausted! I think I drove a few miles under 500 for the day, and will never do that again, but I’m so happy I got there. As they poured out of the house each one said “You drove THAT all the way here?” When I looked at it anew I was pretty surprised myself.

This morning I left Livermore about 8:30 and met Steve near his house so he could drive the rig here. He nearly got it backed into the driveway, but the roof edge of his house was just too low and too close so he parked it in the street in front of his house. He unhitched it and pulled the truck into the driveway, but I’m just too tired to go anywhere at present. I’ve taken one nap and plan to have another one very soon.

With all the bumpy roads I’ve been on lately I will need to tighten every screw and bolt in the 5th wheel. But that will happen when I’m at the campground and can put out the slides. For now I need to rest.

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5 Responses to Safe arrival

  1. Sandra says:

    You made it! I’m proud of you but over 500 miles is too far when you’re towing, especially a stressful one like going around LA!

  2. Gypsy says:

    I agree, Sandra, it was way too many miles. However, quality times with family are few and far between any more, and I couldn’t let a precious opportunity to slip by. I’m making up for it today, napping most of the time.gypsy

  3. Jim and Dee says:

    CONGRATULATIONS!! i Hope you come into chat and tell us all about the trip. I’m so glad you’re there.

  4. macattack says:

    Congratulations on makeing that long trip across the country. You have to be a special lady and I admire you for what you have done.Now you can relax and take your time on upcoming journeys.Good luck and have a Merry Christmas with all of your family. Mac

  5. FD5 says:

    Have a wonderful Christmas with your family, happy to see you arrived safely. See you on the road.Stay SafeJohn and Bridget

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