New beginnings

I went to my daughter’s house yesterday and spent the night. I ended up going to bed at 11:30, and didn’t even hear my 2 yr old granddaughter banging pots & pans at midnight. Today my daughter and I went shopping and I bought a printer that is exactly what I’ve been looking for–print, scan and copy, no fax. I love the b&w laser jet I have except that it weighs 15# and doesn’t scan or copy. The pkg doesn’t give the weight of the new printer but I’m sure it’s lighter than the laser. I also bought myself a new purse and a birthday gift for Alyssa who is 1 yr old today, a book for Autumn and a jigsaw puzzle for Joshua, depicting the 50 states. He can see where his crazy grandma is traveling.

My son called me from NY this morning and told me he sold my jeep. The buyers will bring the cash on Monday and I can cancel the insurance on it. I’m so glad to have that out of the way, and I can sure use the money for the tires I need to replace on my truck. The seller of my rig put new tires on the front, and if I put new ones on the back I will ask to have valve extensions for the duallies, making it easier to install the pressure pro system.

Tomorrow is the day I move to Cal Expo. I’m excited about it but I have some things to pack and stow before moving the rig.

Mandy seems to be improving, and I have taken the collar off for a little while on several occasions. I woke up way before dawn this morning when I heard her banging into things with that big collar, so I went downstairs and took the dogs outside to the back yard. I have always worried that she might fall into the pool since she can’t see, and sure enough, she was a little ahead of me and right at the edge where the pool curves. I made a dive for her and caught her in time, one of her legs actually went into the water, but I hit the ground and scraped my knee and bruised my hip. I’d rather have the scrapes than have to jump into the cold water for her. Wouldn’t that have been a sight! I’m sure it was a funny enough site as it is.

This is going to be a wonderful year – I can just feel it!

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One Response to New beginnings

  1. Hi Gypsy…I’ve been reading your blog since Dee told me about it at lunch the other day…what a hoot….it’s a great read and I sure applaud you….can’t wait to meet you in Kerrville at the Dreamers gathering. Happy New Year’s to you…I know it will be a terrific year for you!Molly

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