Rainy Monday

I woke up in the early hours to hear the rain splattering on the rig. It’s more like a fine mist now, and I don’t mind it. Sacramento gets most of its rain for the year during the first few months, and hopefully the storms will be dropping lots of snow in the Sierras.

I am a bit disheartened that I spent several hours yesterday cleaning and putting things away, but the rig still looks cluttered. I wonder if it’s possible to find a place for everything. I worked on connecting the new printer; for some reason it was telling me that I was out of ink when I had just installed new cartridges. I think it is ok now. Of all the printers I’ve had I liked the Lexmark best and would have bought another one, but every “all-in-one” model had a phone with a cord and a keypad for the fax. I won’t ever use that and figured it was just unnecessary weight.

To make matters worse inside the rig, Lady (my big dog) threw up on the carpet. I have a good spot cleaner but haven’t completely gotten rid of the stain. I’d give her away if anyone would have her! The dog is smart enough to know what I’m thinking, but too dumb to be able to walk on a leash without getting it wrapped around her legs, or mine. She is huge but sprawls out in front of the bathroom door or the area between the kitchen & living area, completely blocking it. Oh what peace I would have if I didn’t have dogs! This is Mandy’s final day for the antibiotic ointment in her eyes. She will be happy to be through with it. I gave up on the collar a few days ago and she seems to be doing well. If I see her pawing her eyes and tell her to stop, she stops and then goes to the back of the bedroom, where I’m sure she goes back to pawing and scratching.

The rigs come and go constantly at this RV park, and I have never seen so many big Class A’s outside a dealer’s lot! Some of them are really beautiful – actually, all of them are. The 5th wheels hold their own, with a few TT’s sprinkled over the lots. I watched a guy back a huge Class A into a spot yesterday that I would have definitely though he would pull through from the rear. I wanted to applaud because he parked it so perfectly. Will I ever be able to maneuver my 5ver half that good?

I will now see if the park has hot water yet. If not, I’m going to my daughter’s house to take a shower, and then snag her husband to go with me shopping for an aircard. He loves nothing better than to shop for computer stuff and he’s really knowledgeable. I’m thinking again about getting rid of Vista from my laptop and installing Windows XP. Back in NC I was told I couldn’t do that, but a few computer people have since told me I could. I will have someone do it for me, for sure. If I get an aircard I MAY be in the chat room this evening if I remember. In NC I signed on about 8pm. That is 5pm here and I’m completely surprised when it’s 8pm and I realize it’s 11:00 on the east coast.

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3 Responses to Rainy Monday

  1. Jim and Dee says:

    We have 3 computers that went back to Windows XP. I didn’t do it but the computer store did, only took a few hours. We hope to see you chat soon, and yes that time difference is a killer.

  2. Yep, we have to get up early on chat (5pm) to catch those Easterners…..and then when they are tired it is still the “shank” of the evening for us.

  3. Gypsy, regarding maintenance, I’m sure your truck will be a lot less than our motor home – it took nearly 5 gallons of transmission fluid @$55 ea! This would be a good question for you to post on the RV-Dreams forum, as there are lots of people with 5th wheels and trucks.Happy Travels!Ellie

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