I have a job!

I talked to the manager at Lassen this morning, and we are planning for me to start in early June. I will be host at Butte Lake campground, a remote CG back about 6 miles off a gravel road! The only downside, if it can be called that, is that while water & sewer are furnished there is no electric hookup. He said there is a generator available for my use though. I have an Onan genny in my rig and I suppose I need to try it out and to learn all about it. I’m sorry to say I really don’t know much about them except they run on propane and charge batteries. I will become enlightened by the time I need to be. I will work from June through about mid-September, which won’t leave me a whole lot of time to get across the northern plains before cold and snow set it, but I will be ok.

I am just so excited about it. When given the opportunity to choose from among campgrounds there, I decided as an old backpacker to take the most remote. There is a ranger station right next to the CG, which makes me feel good. I will mainly deal with reservations and talking to campers – no latrine duty!

I was told today that my right eye will require cataract surgery. When they covered the left and asked me to read a chart I couldn’t believe how bad my vision had become in the right eye. I will see the surgeon on the 16th of Jan and will probably be making arrangements for cataract removal. The doctor told me I could drive shortly thereafter, although not the date of surgery, but I can’t do any lifting for a couple of weeks. I guess that will rule out hitching the 5th wheel, so I’m hoping Cal Expo will let me stay here until I’m ok to do everything on my own. I wonder about walking the dogs though – the big one usually doesn’t pull the leash – it’s when I have to pull her that there could be a problem. It will work out.

I’m riding on a cloud about the job, and plan to make a list of questions I need to ask, such as where is the nearest grocery resupply, laundry facilities, propane, etc. What an adventure!

For those of you who might wonder what this old gal looks like, I’ve added a picture. It’s not the best picture of me,but the one showing the least grey hair!

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