If it isn’t one thing, it’s another

To use an old expression of my mother, I am madder than a wet hen! I have to leave for an appointment with the opthamologist at 10 am, so I turned on the water heater at 7:00 planning to take a shower when I returned from the dog walk at 8:00. The water was hot, then cold, and warm, and then cold again. So I decided I couldn’t wait around and took my things up to the CG shower. There is a problem with the key to the shower doors which I’ve run into previously, so I selected a different door this time. Sure enough, I couldn’t get the key out of the lock. I played around with it for a few minutes and then went into the office to ask the man at the desk for assistance. He came out to try to remove the key, and somehow the door got shut and was locked from the inside. The key came out but there was no way to get back in, where my backpack & toiletries were.

He called maintenance who said they would send someone over, but after waiting 20 minutes I decided to come back to my rig and heat water on the stove. I carried half a pan of boiling water into the shower, filled it up with cold, and surprisingly I got a fairly decent hot wash! No hair wash however. On my way to the eye doctor I will stop by the office to see if my belongings have been retrieved from the shower.

To make me even more irritated, while I was waiting in the office for maintenance to arrive, a woman who is obviously a manager stopped by and the man at the desk explained to her what had happened. She kept repeating that the door was locked because “someone” had pushed the inside lock. I finally spoke up and told her I didn’t lock it intentionally, but when I couldn’t get the key out of the lock once before, one of the staff had showed me how to hold down the inside lock while jiggling the key on the outside, and it worked for her. I didn’t appreciate the manager’s repeated reference to me as “someone”. She should have looked me in the eye and said”you”.

What a way to start the day! I hope things improve in a hurry, but I’m not sure. While I was at the campground office my son called to tell me his wife had twisted her ankle or did something to her leg and needed to be taken to the emergency room. That means he probably can’t pick me up in the event my eyes are dilated. I’ll just wait around until I can see well enough to drive. There is an IHOP nearby, so I can walk over there for breakfast!

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3 Responses to If it isn’t one thing, it’s another

  1. the Feds says:

    Hey, Sis!It’s a good thing that you’re a veteran of the trail. You know how to handle all of the little stuff. I think that’s how Mom never got ulcers from all of the crap we put her through. She got mad as a wet hen, and then promptly got over it. An, by the way, people like that CG manager drive me nuts too!Rob

  2. Bev says:

    I am enjoying your blog very much. I live in the Fraser Valley of British Columbia and would love to do what you are doing.Thanks for posting your photo, now I don’t have to image what you look like.Bev

  3. Congrats on the job Gypsy. That should keep you out of trouble for awhile:))

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