It was cold last night

I did it again and ran out of propane, and the RV is very cold this morning having had no heat last night. It didn’t seem as cold when I went out to walk the dogs, so the sun will warm things up quickly everywhere except indoors. I have the blinds up where the sun shines in. Yesterday I called the man who delivers propane to the CG, but he had already been here earlier so I made arrangements for this morning. I’m not sure if I’m supposed to unhook and pull the tanks or not. I suppose I’d better do that soon.

Looking out over my section of the park I see many rigs where none had been before, so I think some may be here for an upcoming event at Cal Expo. There are some beautiful RVs here, but I am surprised that people aren’t more friendly. A few will respond, but in almost every case I’m the one who says “good morning” first, and most don’t even make eye contact. I’m also surprised that more people don’t clean up after their dogs. If I’m constantly stepping into something, then I’m sure others are as well, and that alone should make a person want to keep from adding to the problem. Not so, apparently.

I am about to fix my breakfast, and I wanted to make french toast this morning. Just remembered that I can’t use the stove until I get propane. Darn, it’s Cheerios again. I’ll be back later today.

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One Response to It was cold last night

  1. Do you have two tanks and if you do there should be an automatic switchover that will show when one tank goes empty and then you can get it filled.

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