New tires

I just had 4 new tires put on the truck, and am just under $1k poorer! I’m relieved to have them, plus the two in front have only about 32-3300 miles on them. Now I need to save for a set of 4 for the 5th wheel. I’m sure that sitting in one spot for over 2 years hasn’t done them any good either. I don’t think this ever ends – you get one thing in good shape and then there is always something else. I definitely want the generator checked out before I move to Lassen, as well as some other electrical connections.

The Sportsmen’s show at Cal Expo must be coming up soon as the park is filling up quickly. Maybe it’s the park and maybe it’s the people, but I have noticed that the legendary friendliness of RVers is absent for the most part. Yesterday afternoon I was walking back with the dogs when a golf cart carrying 4 passengers met me – I waved to them but only the driver waved back. The others all just stared at me, without even a smile. This morning I was walking out and passed several people to whom I called “Good morning”, and again was met with silent stares. I’m a friendly person and I’m sure it shows in my expression, and I can’t figure out why it is that so many people just stare and refuse to wave or answer back. Not everyone is like this, but enough people that I wonder if it’s going to be the norm. I certainly hope not.

I’m relieved to have propane again. I believe there is a leak somewhere, because when I open the door to the propane compartment I can smell the gas. Not really strong, but enough to be obvious. I’m hoping the regulators might improve the situation, otherwise I need to get that checked also. I certainly don’t want to have to buy new tanks, but maybe the hoses can be replaced?

I downloaded and am trying to install Windows Live, a program that should allow me to compose blog entries offline and then submit them when I have access to the internet. I wrote a test blurb to see how it works, so it may or may not be visible to the reading public.

That’s all for now.

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3 Responses to New tires

  1. Leno says:

    Sorry to hear you are not finding friendly people. It really surprises me. Not your typical campground crowd. We have found, that most places we have been, they are sooooo friendly… Must just be the place. Its a good feeling to have new tires, isnt it…

  2. Vera says:

    My husband says that there is always propane smell around the compartment. Test the connection with soap and water. If it bubbles there is a leak. Go from there.Vera

  3. I always type up my blog in Outlook Express because I like their spellchecker. I can easily "Save" it to draft as I'm going along as well if I don't finish it at one sitting. I then just copy & paste it into my Blogger Dashboard, add the pics, & it's done. So, in a nutshell…Outlook Express-Copy & Paste to my Blog…. AL.

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