Shopping trip

I have been wanting to buy a weather radio for some time, not an expensive one, but one that will sound an alarm when extreme weather conditions are coming. I also have been looking for a small ceramic heater for my RV. I went to the nearby Costco but didn’t find either one of them, so I just bought a box of frozen chicken taquitos!

I went into REI which is across the street from Costco and couldn’t find anything there either. Their weather radios – in fact everything in their store – are outrageously priced. Don’t they know we are in an economic slump? No wonder the stores aren’t crowded on a national holiday and the parking lots are nearly empty.

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4 Responses to Shopping trip

  1. Cedar ... says:

    A ceramic cube (has a fan/blower) will be small and noisy. I suggest with a 5th that size that you get the oil filled radiator. Mine worked great in our 5th. Pelonis brand is good. I got mine at Walmart. Good luck!

  2. Bob says:

    Check Radio Shack for weather radios. Good selection and price. Great blog. Thanks, Bob

  3. D says:

    We bought an Emerson Research weather radio at Target. It was easy to set up and seems to work great. Happy Trails!D

  4. Rod Ivers says:

    We too use a oil filled radiator from Honneywell, that we got from Wal Mart. While more pricey than the Pelonis, we liked the electronic thermostat better. Set it and forget that it is even running. I keeps the furnace from running at all.

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