Another shopping trip

I just got back from a quick trip to Walmart (just in time to watch the parade). After agonizing over which heater to buy I finally selected a Lasko Oscillating Ceramic heater. I had intended to maybe get an oil-filled heater but found it was just too heavy for me. I know they work well but just didn’t want to bring the weight on board I will try this one and if I don’t think it will work for me I will return it.

It seemed that everyone in the store was happy and in a good mood, and talking about the inauguration. I’m proud to be an American, and no matter who wins the election I think the inauguration ceremony speaks volumes about our country and our people.

I finally spoke to a person at one of the RV parks I’m interested in moving to, and they told me as it stands now they will have about 4 spaces available, all back ins. I want to go look again, with my son, and see which one he would prefer backing in to! Some day I’ll have to do it for myself, but why not give my boy a chance to feel good about his many talents.

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One Response to Another shopping trip

  1. We also have the Lasko heater and love it. Love the blog.

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