Electric Problem?

Since I have the new electric heater I didn’t turn the furnace on before I went to bed last night. It was pretty chilly this morning when I got up, and I fired up the computer first, then the electric heater, and then started coffee. In just a few minutes I came back into the room to find all three were off. I found that the breaker switch for the “middle lights” was tripped and reset it. Now I’m hesitant to use the heater, although it worked fine last night when I tried it out. I wasn’t running the coffee maker but did have the TV turned on. Right now I don’t feel like trying to isolate the problem so I just turned the furnace on for a few minutes.

It is chilly outside this morning and it looks like rain. I believe rain is forecast for the rest of the week, and Sacramento could use a couple of weeks of good steady rain. When I lived here in the 80’s I could never figure out the weather forecasters on TV – they would moan on and on about drought and how far the lake was down, but after one day of rain they would whine about missing the sun. Never satisfied! I don’t mean to step on anyone’s toes in case you are from Sacramento – I just always thought it was amusing and downright contradictory.

I had planned to go early this morning to get the EKG and blood tests done for my upcoming eye surgery, but I will probably do it tomorrow. My mail was forwarded from SD and is at Jeannie’s house – hopefully it will contain a new Blue Cross of South Dakota card. I’m still getting by with BC of North Carolina, but that won’t last very long, and labs are the worst when it comes to getting the insurance billing screwed up, at least in my experience.

I’m going to add to this post since I just started writing it too early this morning. I just went to the local Rite Aid and saw a display of the Lasko Ceramic Oscillating Heaters, the same as the one I bought at Walmart for $38. I was almost afraid to look at the price, but when I got up the nerve, I saw Rite Aid’s price was $59.99. What a difference! They also had another model of Lasko for $10 cheaper, but I love the one I have and glad I bought it where I did.

I got my EKG and blood tests taken care of today, so that’s out of the way. I also called Ofc of Personnel Mgmt to ask about the change that was supposed to take place in my Blue Cross. Each state has its own plan administration although my premium is the same no matter where I live. So according to Ruby, with whom I spoke, I should be receiving a new card within 10 business days from Blue Cross of South Dakota. It doesn’t matter where I live though, any charges submitted from a provider in the State of California are paid through Blue Cross of California. The paperwork nearly drives me wild – with my pkg of mail forwarded from SD today I received a notice of payment from Blue Cross of NC, plus another separate envelope with a notice that the claim had been paid. How much is all this paperwork and postage costing? At least I only get a notice from Medicare every few months listing all the amts they have paid.

It’s raining now that it’s time for the doggie walks. I hope no one is out on the parkway now, though when I came back from Rite Aid I saw two horses out there. It seems strange to see people riding horses in the city. When I first went to work in downtown Sacramento years ago, I was sitting at my desk and heard a sound I could have sworn was horses walking up the middle of the street. I looked out the window, and sure enough, there were hundreds of horses and riders calmly going up the middle of J Street! I think they were celebrating the anniversary of something to do with the Pony Express as the terminus was in Sacramento.

Ok, I’m outta here for today.

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3 Responses to Electric Problem?

  1. Cedar ... says:

    no doubt it was the combo of the heater and the coffee pot. I never run both at the same time. It doesn’t take long to brew the coffee so do that, put it in a carafe and then fire up the heater. or vice versa. Items that draw heat are huge draws on your power. Also, if you are on Medicare as I am, why not get the AARP health insurance that is acceptable anywhere other than getting by with specific state-oriented insurance? Just some tricks I’ve learned. Good luck with your eye surgery!

  2. FD5 says:

    Gypsy,Cedar is correct about high amp draws on equipment that heat. A 1500 watt heater draws about 13 amps. You most likely have a 15 amp breaker on that circuit or 20 amp max. You can google “power converter” to convert watts to amps with your other electrical items. They should have the watts and may have amps used on them.Stay SafeJohn and Bridget

  3. Once the coffee finishes brewing using the heater should be ok. It doesn’t draw a lot of electricity for the burner to keep the coffee warm.

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