Life gets better all the time…

And it’s going to continue that way. Do you ever wake up in the morning so full of hope and anticipation for the good things you know are going to happen? They usually don’t come about all at once but like a flower starting off as a bud and then unfolding, the wonders of my life have been unfolding a little at a time for as long as I can remember. At least it is only the wonders that I remember!

Steve and I drove to another RV park yesterday that I had been told had spaces available in February. We had been there before and were not at all impressed by the manager who seemed to not want any new business. He was a little better yesterday but not by much. He discovered I had two dogs, and his face lit up in a smile when he informed me he only allows one pet per site. I think he really wanted an excuse to refuse to rent to me. I have no idea why, but I’m sort of glad because I wasn’t thrilled with the park anyway.

When I returned to Cal Expo I told the woman who runs the office that I would like to stay another month due to the fact that I was having eye surgery in early Feb., and wanted to fully recuperate before towing my 5th wheel. She took the information and will have to ask the park manager. The down side is that the manager is attending a conference and I won’t know her answer until the 29th or 30th of Jan. That may leave me having to move in a hurry if she says no, but the woman at the desk seemed to think that medical reasons are a pretty sure thing for extending a stay. If it doesn’t work out I’ll stay at Steve’s house for a few days while I’m looking for a place. I looked at Woodall’s & Good Sam websites & books yesterday, and it seems that most of the parks east of Sac and out Rt. 50 to the foothills don’t have the space for larger rigs.

I sent out several emails last week requesting consideration for volunteer jobs in exchange for campsite/hookups, and got a response back from one this morning. I won’t say who it is for fear of jinxing my chances, but it’s in the southeast. I was told I need to select a definite 2-month period that can be extended to 90 days and fax a volunteer app back to him, which I will try to do today. If I finish at Lassen in mid-September and then travel east & south, I think I will aim for reaching the post by December, so Dec-Jan-Feb would be doable. I could even stay a month longer if necessary before starting back to California. Depending on how it goes at Lassen I could return there, or go someplace different, such as Dinosaur National Monument, who contacted me after I had already accepted the job at Lassen, and who is putting me on their notification list for next season. So the future holds all kinds of promise, and I intend to go with the flow!

I think the water is hot now so I am going to shower & go over to Jeannie’s today. If I get my application finished I will fax it from their equipment.

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One Response to Life gets better all the time…

  1. Gypsy John says:

    Hello Gypsy,I think I’m one of the “original” Gypsy’s except maybe for my friend the Silver Gypsy, but it does sound a little odd for one gypsy to be saying hello to another gypsy and especially since I know your real name (taken from a forum). Anyway, the reason I’m writing has to do with extended stays at various types of RV campgrounds, etc. for medical reasons. Something that was established a few years ago by Thousand Trails (membership park) was that a certain percentage of spaces would ALWAYS be reserved for medical reasons and for new members. That idea has quickly caught on and probably 90% of ALL RV parks found in any of the directories have a strict policy that 4-8% of all their sites will be held out just for medical reasons. The park I “live in” has 190 usable spaces and 8 of them will never be rented except to people with medical issues. Medical issues do NOT include people with a cold or minor problem. They do include anything that makes driving UNSAFE and certainly your situation falls into that category.Sorry the park I’m in is way far away from you (about 1,000 miles or so), but just wanted to pass this little tid-bit of info on. Might help to give you some re-assurance!Best of the best to you Gypsy!

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