Another job

Anyone who reads my blog once in a while, or who has met me in the rv-dreams chat room, knows that I am going to work at Lassen Volcanic National Park in northern California this summer. When I’m finished there I am going to make my way through Oregon, Idaho, Montana, North & South Dakota and eventually wind up in New York where I will visit with my oldest son & family. From there I will travel south and visit family along the way, and then go to Savannah GA and to my next workamping position at Fort Pulaski National Monument from Dec. 1 through Feb 28. 2010. Then I’ll travel across to California and start it all over again. I’m sure I can line up a couple of workamping jobs next year interspersed with visiting and exploring time. It hasn’t been difficult to find job opportunities, nor to land the jobs. Now I just have to dazzle them with my work efforts!

I am so fortunate getting these two jobs–one will be a wilderness experience and provide opportunities to hike the back country on my days off, and the other will be in more of a day use type of park. From what I’ve been able to gather online the park at Ft Pulaski has tidal marshes, mud flats, and an abundance of wildlife including alligators (look out, dogs), blue herons, and many others. As a lover of history I will be able to get a good dose of military history at the fort.

I went on a little shopping trip yesterday with Jeannie and Autumn, and we ended up at a small family run ice cream parlor. I rarely eat ice cream except when the weather is hot, but surprisingly I can eat it any time of year when I’m in California. It tasted so good and I know that I will be stopping by often to get more. I bought a small weather radio – nothing as fancy as I thought I wanted – just AM, FM & Weather. I put four AA batteries in it and tried it out. (There is also a power cord that tucks away into its own storage compartment.) The FM stations come in fine but I didn’t have much luck with the weather part of it. I’ll try again today and if I can’t it to work I will read the instructions. If that fails I’ll return it.

Another thing I really need until I can get service on my rig is a desk lamp. Steve looked at the dining light fixture that doesn’t work, and couldn’t tell what’s wrong with it. Nor could he follow the electric line beyond the fixture as it’s encased in the ceiling of the slide-out. In the meantime, this is where I have my “desk” (dining table) where I set my computer monitor, keyboard and printer. (The computer is on the floor between the entertainment center and the chairs.) So yesterday I bought a flexible gooseneck lamp–and, it’s a miracle–but the 40watt bulb only uses 7watts! How is that for being energy conscious? Where in the world am I going to put all these little appliances when I pack for traveling? They will probably be safest in their original boxes, but in the meantime where do I store all the boxes. The under-bed-storage compartment is rapidly filling up with empty boxes!

While I was gone Steve came by and replaced the glide pin assembly on my 5th wheel hitch. It has been under recall and I had the parts sent to me thinking I would have to take it to an authorized Nu Wa repair shop to get it installed. Steve said it was quick and easy, and it does look good. He has already saved me lots of $ in diagnostics & repairs, narrowing down the items that I will need to pay for.

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2 Responses to Another job

  1. Cedar ... says:

    i’ve been to Savannah and Fort Pulaski, I think you will enjoy that area! Have fun!

  2. the Feds says:

    Marty,Here’s a link to some photos of Butte Lake Campground. Looks like a beautiful place!Rob

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