Going around in circles today

It seems I’ve driven a lot today but didn’t end up doing much. I picked up a book I had ordered “the Next Exit” that I had mailed to Jeannie’s address. I looked at two different Cost Plus stores where they had advertised rectangular dog beds for $10 ea. I’ve been wanting to buy two of them to put in the truck, as there really isn’t enough room for those 42″ round beds that I currently have. I’d like to get something smaller for both truck and RV, although the big round ones must be comfortable to their old bones! The regular price on the rectangular beds is about $20 each, way too much as I see it.

I’ve been getting prescriptions transferred to Walgreen’s, since they tell me that I can refill at any Walgreen’s pharmacy in the US. I also dropped off new prescriptions for eye drops that I will need to use before & after surgery. I’ll go back tomorrow to pick it all up as I didn’t feel like waiting around. They have to call back to the pharmacy I used in Asheville for a couple of them.

I stopped at a Radio Shack to look at emergency radios – I already bought a radio with weather channel at Walmarts, but there really aren’t any emergency features to it and I don’t need a radio. I ended up with an Eton Red Cross Emergency Crank Radio. It has AM/FM plus NOAA weather, flashlight, siren and cell phone charger, and runs on 3 AA batteries. There is an input for AC adaptor if I want to go out and buy yet another cord. Same thing for the cell phone – my Motorola didn’t come with a car charger and I just don’t think I need one since I travel with my house along for the ride, and there is no reason why at least one of my 2 cellphones run out of charge. Now I need to return the Emerson. I hope I never need the emergency radio, but I’m ready in the event I do. The real test will be when I get to Lassen and try it out there.

I’m getting fairly comfortable with driving in Sacramento, even on the dreadful Capital City Freeway, which I have always avoided like the plague. For years I’ve been spending a month or more here, usually at Christmas time. I always drove my ex husband to his chemo appointments and other places he needed to go, and I always complained about the traffic. I wish now I had been more gracious about it, but you sure can’t go back to the past and make up for lost opportunities.

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2 Responses to Going around in circles today

  1. Bob says:

    Nice pick on the weather radio. If you want to know the local forecast just turn on the wx radio and there you have it instead of waiting for a typical radio station to deliver an abridged version.Love your blog! Bob in Minnesota

  2. Jim and Dee says:

    Great choice on radio. I have one of those and forgot all about it. I found it and packed it in the RV box.

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