A morning spent running errands

My first stop this morning was to a nearby computer repair store. The tech told me he thought it would only be the keyboard that needs replacing, as the keypad seems to work. Having diagnostics run and installing a new keyboard will cost somewhere around $128. I know I could replace the keyboard myself for much less, but it is difficult to find one. There are keyboards advertised that will fit the Dell Inspiron 1501, but the part numbers don’t match. I’m not going to fool with it. I would scrap the laptop since my desktop works just fine, but if I get to where I can access the internet while I’m at Lassen this summer, it will be with the laptop.

I went to Costco but only bought a couple of items, then on to Petsmart where I spent a bundle on food for my two mangy mutts, returned the Emerson weather radio to Walmart, stopped at a grocery for a couple of items I couldn’t get at the food co-op, and finally to Walgreens for prescriptions. There are two I need for my eye surgery, plus a couple I had transferred from NC, and I couldn’t believe the cost. One thing on my list that I still need to do is to get a haircut, but I’m back home now and plumb wore out!

I got a call earlier from the gentleman at the park office telling me that the manager approved an additional month’s stay, but “there won’t be any extensions after that”. I’m sure he is relaying the manager’s words and tone of voice, but I feel like a child being “let off just this once” for not doing my homework or talking in class or something. This manager is the same person who kept saying “Someone locked the door from the inside”, when I couldn’t get my key out of the shower door and it got pushed shut. Oh well, her attitude to life is her problem and nothing to do with me personally, so I shouldn’t take it personally.

I’m so tired that I think I’ll take a nap!

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