Will I ever learn?

There is one aspect to RVing that I absolutely despise, and that is having to use propane. It’s a dirty word as far as I’m concerned. After I spent $20 each for 2 gauges that work fine in letting me know how much is left in the tank, I have run out on both tanks. I think because I can’t lift the full tanks up to the truck, and I’m not sure about lifting them up into the RV compartment, I wait until my son can take me over to get them filled. He does so much for me already and I hate to ask him. And now with the gauges on the tanks, it takes some maneuvering to get them in and out for refilling, so I’m even less likely to do it. I know I will have to do it myself at some point, but I’ll deal with that when I get to it.

I have two 30# tanks; the tanks themselves probably don’t weigh 20# apiece; I once carried a 50-55# backpack and hiked 900 miles up and down mountains with it. What is wrong with me now that I can’t hoist a tank of propane. (Did someone just whisper “Old age”?)

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One Response to Will I ever learn?

  1. Just an idea but you might try fixing up a harness using an old backpack or something similar that way you are using your legs and back to do the lifting.

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