Monday’s Quick Entry

I’m not going to write much as I’m getting ready to go have my hair cut. Yaay! I currently resemble a sheepdog.

I am so frustrated with the bedroom overhead cabinets and I just thought I’d whine a bit about it. On the side wall opposite the bed, there is a nice row of drawers with vanity top — six spacious drawers in all. The part I hate is that there are three overhead cabinets above, and I invariably close one of the bottom drawers, straighten up, and hit my head on the overheads. It’s even worse when I have forgotten to close the overhead door. I am going to knock myself silly one of these days, or worse.

So with that, I’m going back to my usual happy optimistic self today, and wish you all a pleasant day. I probably won’t be back until Wednesday, when I will be SO glad to have this over with.

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6 Responses to Monday’s Quick Entry

  1. Cedar ... says:

    best wishes for the eye surgery!

  2. Leno says:

    Good luck with the eye surgery Gypsy.I will be thinking of you…

  3. P and M says:

    We’ll be thinking of you. See you soon, Natasha

  4. Thoughts and prayers are with you – i hope your surgery goes well….if i can do anything to help you please let me know.The other GypsyJenny

  5. Bob says:

    I hope your eye surgery turned out as planned. Non

  6. We don’t want you knocked silly, Gypsy! How about putting self-closing hinges on those upper cabinets?Happy Trails, Penny, TX

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