The day after

I can’t read much of what I type, so this will be brief. I saw the dr this morning and he removed the patch from my eye – it was driving me crazy! He is very pleased with what I could read on the chart, and said I was probably a couple of weeks ahead of schedule. I’m surprised, though, at how little I can do yet – I knew within a few minutes of the patch coming off that I couldn’t drive or be alone, so I’mgoing to stay at Steve |& Megan’s house for another day.

Thanks to everyone for their kind thoughs and prayers, and I’ll be back online soon.

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3 Responses to The day after

  1. Bob says:

    Sounds like things went well Gypsy. Do what the Dr. says (if you want to) and you will be better than new in no time at all. Bob

  2. Leno says:

    So glad that is behind you now Gypsy. You’ll be good as new… Stay where you are and be taken care of.See you soon in chat..

  3. JB says:

    Rest up you’ll need those eyes to see all the things in store for you as a fulltimer.

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