Steady Improvement

I can notice a difference today in what I can see out of my right eye. If it continues to improve just a little each day (before I go crazy with all the rules), I will be ok. I still forget and lean over sometimes, and when I do I quickly turn my head toward the ceiling, as if that will make a difference! I washed my hair this morning, very carefully, in the shower. I held my head way back and really tried to not get any water near my eye. I don’t think I’ve shut my eyes so tight since my first kiss (which was so long ago I can’t even remember who it was with!)

Steve and Megan want to go to one of the hot springs in N. CA for the weekend, and he wants to drive my truck. That is fine with me, but it’s now 11:00 am and he still hasn’t come by. He was going to leave his car here in case I need it. I don’t complain about it anymore and just accept the fact that Sacramentans don’t go anywhere early. If I was going somewhere for the weekend you can bet I’d be up and out with the dawn!

I need to visit the recycling bin – they have dumpsters everywhere, but no recycling in this part of the park, and I have to walk way over on the other side. The only bad thing about beer in bottles is that the empties “clink and clank” when going into the bin, and I wait so long to take them it sounds like a lot. If Steve would hurry up and get here I could get him to drop them off!

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