Friday, the 13th

I always consider Friday the 13th a very good day and today was no exception. I didn’t do much, except drive over to Jeannie’s this afternoon – cooked a special dinner for her this evening: filet of sole (so fresh there was absolutely no fishy odor to it at all); potatos, carrots, and barely wilted fresh spinach. Donald had one filet although he is not much for fish, but like a dutiful son-in-law, he said it was good.

It had just gotten dark by the time I got back home and for some reason, the dome light on my truck stays on a very long time after the ignition is turned off. I have to keep running out to see if it is still lit and I don’t know what I would do if doesn’t go out. So I’ll end today’s blog and go back out to check.

NOTE: After a couple of trips outside I saw that all the truck lights had gone off. The lights at the racetrack have come on, and it’s nearly as bright as day out there.

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