The April Fool’s Joke is on Me

After all the panic and moaning I did about the desktop, I am now fixed up. Steve came by today to organize my storage bay, and when he got here I was telling him about my troubles with the computers. We talked for about 10 or 15 minutes while he sat in the rocking recliner with the laptop on his lap, and then he announced I was connected. Sometimes that boy scares me. He said it was something about modem settings – it was set and shouldn’t be, or vice versa. We packed the desktop & monitor and he re-arranged the storage under the bed so that now I have tons of space available even with the computer in there. He did the same thing with the storage bays. I had gotten to the point that I would put something in to the storage and close the door real quick before anything fell out. Now it looks nearly empty.

So now I am using my laptop on the dining table, along with the keyboard and mouse from the desktop computer.

I’m not cooking today, nor am I messing with the dishes. I drove to 7-11 this afternoon and bought a hot dog for my dinner.

I’ve already emptied the tanks and stowed the hoses. I thought I would hate the job of disconnecting them after being here for 3 months, but it wasn’t bad at all. I keep forgetting to check the tires, so I’d better go get the gauge out, and hopefully I can reach all the valves.

The wind has been blowing relentlessly all day today. Steve came back from a business trip to Oregon and said that northern CA is pretty warm, namely Redding, Red Bluff, etc. I am hoping I can park under a tree so I don’t have to use the A/C, although I guess it would be a good idea to turn it on and see how it works. My electric will be metered for the next month, which is another incentive to conserve resources. I have always preferred open windows and a fan to the stuffy closed up feeling you get with A/C, although if it gets hot enough I may renege.

I’m too tired to type any more. I’ll be back tomorrow from Orland, California.

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2 Responses to The April Fool’s Joke is on Me

  1. the Feds says:

    Marty,Will you be staying at Black Butte Lake, or at a private campground in Orland?Rob

  2. Debbie Goode says:

    I’m so glad your laptop is back up and running… have a safe journey.

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