Saturday trip to town

I made a quick trip to town this morning – had to get a broom to sweep all the little things that are falling from the trees onto my mat. I can imagine what the tops of the slides look like – I’ll get on the roof and clean them off before I leave.

Here is a picture I took of one of the streets in Orland. Sorry my truck mirror is in the way. You can see how wide the street is, and I love diagonal parking which makes so much more sense than parallel parking. In the middle of the big wide streets are small islands, and there is also parking in between the islands. Orland is celebrating its centennial this year, and who would have thought that in 1909 they would make the streets so wide. Some of the residential streets don’t have the center island/parking, but they are still very wide.

After getting the broom at Ace Hardware and browsing but not finding anything else I needed at this time, I went to Save Mor to pick up some half & half for my coffee. I just walked around marveling at the selection of Mexican foods and spices. It’s been years since I’ve seen a 25# bucket of manteca! (That’s lard, and my arteries hurt just looking at it, but it imparts an indescribable, delicious flavor to foods cooked with it.)

I took a picture entering the RV Park. You can see that it has a long way to go before filling up, and I think many of the trailers & campers here are long term.

This place is actually called Parkway RV Resort, and for that reason I would have bypassed it if the other RV Park in town had accepted large dogs. I’m not the resort type but this place seems fine to me. It is obvious that the owners are working to make it a resort, and it is laid out well, is neat and attractive. The pool is sparkling and looks inviting, although the weather will have to get a lot warmer for that, in my opinion, and there is a small playground.

I’m going to defrost the freezer today. I haven’t had to do that since I lived in Ireland, and it’s a pain in the butt job in my opinion. Just get on with it, Marty! I may be back with another post later today, and maybe not!

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