Black Butte Lake

I took the dogs over to the Orland Buttes Campground this morning, one of two campgrounds at this lake. It is the smaller of the two and less likely to be jam- packed. I found three good sites together, one of which will be perfect for Steve’s truck camper and also has a good level site for a tent. It is right next to a spot that would hold my 5ver, backed in of course. I sent pictures to the kids and they can decide if they like it or want me to go back to look at other ones.

The woman at the park office told me that dogs had to be leashed in campgrounds, but I could let them off leash back in the boonies. I found a good spot to park my truck, with a very slightly defined trail leading up hill. The dogs are used to being on leash since we left NC and they looked like they weren’t sure of what they were supposed to do. We got to the top of the hill and Lady found a good secluded spot to do her business. She is a very modest and private dog in that respect, and it is absolutely painful for her to “go” out where everyone can see her. Mandy took off down a steep hill chasing something I’m sure she couldn’t see, and was panting by the time she got back. In fact, both lazy dogs seemed uninterested in exploring or running – maybe the heat of the day. It will be a different story if we all take our dogs camping there – two of Steve’s and Joe’s Dobie. I’m really looking forward to it and hope we can find a weekend that is suitable for all of us.

Exploring the buttes:

Here is a picture of the lake from one of the campsites:

I’d like to upload more pictures of the lake, but my computer has nearly crawled to a stop so I don’t think I will try this afternoon. I don’t know what could be wrong with this thing – I even ran the defrag program although the analysis showed it didn’t need defragmenting. I use the system tools just about every day to clear the temp files & whatever else it clears.

I have a mobile RV service person coming out in the morning to start on the work that needs doing. Hopefully it can all be done in a day or two. First on the list is the generator, which should only need greasing and a general tune-up. The seals around the two exterior doors are bad, as well as the gaskets on fridge & freezer. There are many little jobs that need doing, but I have to save out enough money to buy new tires for the 5ver. Those on one side are showing signs of dry rot, so the other side can’t be far behind. Better to have it done here than be at Lassen and wish I had.

If it doesn’t rain tomorrow I may wash my truck. It is streaked with dust and shows it as only a black vehicle can. The windows are also coated with dust and I may as well at least squirt the whole thing with water. I wouldn’t have the energy to really give it a good wash and wax – it used to take me at least two days to do the Jeep Cherokee, and I think there is about as much surface on this truck.

See ya tomorrow…

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