A good truck washing day

Today has been a perfect day to be outdoors, and I was out earlier trying to hose the dust off my truck. Later I went out with Dri Wash & Guard and have so far done the driver’s side. I’m waiting for the sun to go down enough so that I can finish the rest of it, although I’m not sure how I can reach the very top except if I drag the 6ft ladder out, which I’m not inclined to do as I will then have to put it back! I know my limits and I am getting close.

There is nothing prettier than a clean black shiny vehicle, and I see a very pretty Ford F-350 emerging from the months (probably years) of being dirty.

With the hose in hand I squirted one corner of the 5ver and darned if a whole strip of caulking didn’t come off! I have the feeling that when I finally get it clean I will have to quickly recaulk before the next rain!

I have to remember to do the tire rims also – they don’t look so shiny on the photo.

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One Response to A good truck washing day

  1. P and M says:

    Nice work, Gypsy!

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