Since the temperature is predicted to get up to 97 today, and I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if it topped 100, I went out early and again tried the ladder at the front cap of the 5ver. This time I got up to the step just below the top, and was able to reach up to the “Hitchhiker” logo. So I worked on a small part of it, from the left side over to below the “c” in Hitchhiker and all the way down. It is really a mess with bugs and some kind of spots I can’t even identify. The part I did looks good. I’m using Oxygone, but will follow it up with the Dri Wash & Guard. I’d like to finish up with something that will allow the bugs to be easily removed from now on. I’ve heard the name “Rejex” tossed around, and it is sold at Tru Value Hardware stores. I found a Tru Value here in Orland so I will drop by and read the label, etc. I’m determined to keep at this, at least until I run out of product. This morning I ran out of clean terry cloth towels, so I need to gather all the dirty ones and soak them in Clorox before washing them. I am so tempted to throw them out.

Just to show you what I’m dealing with –

I’m off to the laundry after driving into town and getting a roll of quarters, among other things. This RV park has a small but immaculate laundry room, and is the least expensive one I’ve been in for a long time.

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  1. Try Black Streak Remover, you can get it at Wal Mart in the RV section. Usually this is part of auto products aisle, where you buy holding tank products.Rod

  2. Let me know what is working in dem dar bugs. we will be on the road soon and it will be in need. All the Best, M&C

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