I forgot to post today

I just realized that I didn’t do a blog entry for today, not that much happened. I went out early before it got too hot and used the dri wash & guard on the front of the fiver – behind the hitch. The front storage door was scruffy looking, and the overhead part just behind the hitch was a mess. I don’t know how it got so dirty and dull looking, but the dri wash & guard did a great job and it is shiny clean now. I set the ladder up hoping I could reach the top of the front cap, but I would be 12-18″ short of the roof on that rounded part. I went up the 6′ ladder to the 2nd step from the top and just couldn’t get myself to climb any higher. If ya don’t feel safe, then ya probably ain’t safe! I’m going to get a sponge mop & bucket and try to clean the roof one of these days soon, and I may try to lie down on the clean roof and reach over to clean what I can of the cap from the top.

I didn’t get around to doing anything about the rust because I realized I should get rust converter in addition to the primer & paint, so it’s back to Ace Hardware in the next day or two. I sold a 3 bedroom house on the side of a mountain in North Carolina because I didn’t want to (and couldn’t do) any more maintenance. Just proves the point that “Wherever you go, there you are.”

This afternoon it got too hot to do anything except languish. My thermometer made it up to 98! One online weather service gave the temp for Chico as a high of 94 with tomorrow predicted to be higher than that, and then it should cool back down and rain over the weekend. I don’t think I could survive very long in this heat. I know I should turn on the A/C, but then I would perish when I took the dogs out for the 4 pm afternoon walk.

So we are suffering through the heat, sitting outside in the shade in the afternoon – the dogs sleeping, which they do anywhere they happen to be, and me looking at maps of Canada and Alaska and dreaming of a cooler place.

One thing about all this truck & rig cleaning & polishing, I am developing a nice definition of muscle in my arms. Just the biceps though, the rest of my arms have the “old lady” look.

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