Book Sale!

I had to mail a letter at the post office this morning, so I stopped by the library book sale held at one of the local church halls. (There must be dozens of churches in this little town, and each is beautiful and well maintained. I don’t think there are enough people living in Orland to support that many churches in such a fine style, but they must come from miles around.)

I came away with 8 paperbacks, 7 mysteries by Harry Kemelman, and “Steppenwolf” by Hermann Hesse. I love the type of mysteries the English call “cozies” where although the subject is always murder there isn’t a lot of dwelling on the gore, but more on the solving of the murder, with a generous sprinkling of humor thrown in. When I find a mystery series that looks interesting to me, I get all the titles in that series and read them in order of when they were written. That way I can see and understand the character development better. So I have 7 of the Rabbi series by Kemelman and look forward to getting acquainted with a new detective, and I will wait for the mood to strike for reading Hesse.

The heat wave has broken and it was difficult to get out of my warm bed this morning. I had left all the windows and ceiling vents open and it was breezy in here. I’ve since closed all the windows that swing out, but left open the ones that slide up because they are so darn difficult to open to begin with. I think it is about 68 degrees today and will climb to the upper 70’s for the next few days. Perfect!

I’m taking a day of rest from rig cleaning, although I should probably expend a little effort on the inside. Right now, though, I’m going to stretch out on the couch with a couple of maps, my favorite thing to do.

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