Home sweet RV home

Home is where the RV is parked, and I’m back home. I can’t say anything negative about Chico, but I don’t care for it. Too crowded, too many cars, streets, stores, and people. I visited the optometrist, Costco, and the Chico Natural Foods Co-op, but could never find the address given to me by the Avon lady to pick up my order. Ms. Garmin went crazy trying to find it, but I gave up.

I will have to go back within a couple of weeks to pick up my reading glasses. The Dr. actually wrote me a prescription for bifocals, which he said would help for things like driving at night. I don’t drive after dark if I can help it, and I don’t want to wear bifocals and get used to glasses all the time. Reading is bad enough, and then I have to wear the sunglasses outdoors. So at the present I’m just going for the reading glasses. Everything was covered by my insurance except that I’m paying an extra $30 for a polycarbonate lens which is lighter and thinner.

The bad news is that a cataract is forming on my left eye, and I just hope it holds out until I come back to Sacramento next March. If not I will have to get it taken care of somewhere in the east, but I don’t have a doctor back there and I really need someone to drive me home and back the next morning for removal of the patch.

I was too irritated with the traffic situation to stop at Walmart or look for Office Depot so I haven’t yet gotten a CD burner. Costco had several external hard drives, but that’s not really what I want. Maybe when I have to go back to Chico I’ll take a look.

What a tiring trip! The drive, about 20 miles each way, isn’t bad – flat, cattle grazing and orchards. Time for a little rest now….

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One Response to Home sweet RV home

  1. the Feds says:

    Hello, Marty!Are you sure that your computer or laptop don’t have cd or dvd burners in them?Rob

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