Still resting . . .

. . .from yesterday’s trip to the big city. It was cold enough about 4:00 am, below 55, for the heat to kick on, so I got up and switched it to the OFF position. There were too many windows open to waste heat, and I didn’t want to wake myself up fully by running around closing them all. It’s wonderful sleeping weather, but difficult to get up in the morning and even more difficult to get out of the shower. I got the electric heater out from storage under the bed, and aimed it at the shower door where I hoped to be hit from a blast of hot air when I got out. Nothing that dramatic, but it was better than no heat at all.

I decided to go back to the book sale today, and got there at 12:15 to find out the sale ended at 12 Noon. They were busy packing books away into boxes for the next sale in September, but they did let me go look, and I found another book to buy for 10 cents!

Then back home where I am making soup for supper. I was going to try baking a loaf of bread but I think I will wait for the warm weather to return to make the dough rise quicker. If I would just get to it earlier in the morning I could probably set it in on the counter at the back window and let the sun do the job. Maybe the mood will strike me tomorrow morning, and if I just set out the ingredients tonight they will remind me in the morning. I haven’t made bread (by hand) for years, so I think I will just start with one loaf at a time.

I was a bit nervous going to bed last night – when I walked the dogs Mandy, the smaller one, kept eating grass like she was at an “all you can eat” salad bar. Nothing I could do would make her stop. It usually takes effect within seconds or minutes, and I even tied her to the picnic table and left her outside for a while, but nothing happened. I brought her inside and tried to barricade her in the kitchen on the lino, but when I had climbed into bed I heard her jumping over the things I had put down to stop her so I just let her go, thinking I would be in a terrible mood all day today from what I would find this morning. (I even turned on a light before walking through the rig to turn the heat off at 4 am). Nothing! I sure don’t know what her point was for eating all that grass, but it sure agreed with her. She loves vegetables and I haven’t given her any lately. Usually when I chop carrots or zuchhinni I accidentally let some pieces fall on the floor and she’s on them immediately. So maybe she just had a craving for green veggies…..

I’m lining up on the side with those who wonder why in the world RV manufacturers put carpet (and especially light colored carpet) in RV’s. Even I (who am nearly perfect) track in dirt from the outside, and dogs aren’t exactly clean (or nearly perfect)!

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2 Responses to Still resting . . .

  1. Dogs do like to eat greens and grass. When my boarders eat grass I mix green beans in their dinner. It settles their tummies.They know what is good for them. People need to eat more greens, too. It helps stave off a lot of illnesses.Dogs, in the wild, used to eat roots, too. Happy Trails, Penny, TX

  2. Debbie Goode says:

    Yes and yes. Dogs will eat grass for nutritional reasons. Both my furballs do it from time to time. That has been the one bad thing about being in the desert this year–I know my furballs miss their grass. As to the carpet—don’t get me started–all I can is I can’t wait to get rid of mine

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