Improvement, maybe?

I still felt pain in my hip and leg when I walked the dogs this morning, but after breakfast I decided to get back up on the ladder. I reasoned that if it was indeed what led to my pain and discomfort, then doing more cleaning from the ladder won’t make it any worse. (Is this sort of like getting back up on the horse that threw ya?)

I only cleaned a small portion, mainly because it takes so much effort and elbow grease. There has to be an easier way – the $400+ estimate for cleaning & waxing that I got from two different sources may be worth it, but I can’t spend that much on it right now. There is a rough chalky film on the surface, and once I get that smooth it probably won’t matter how I clean it the next time.

The park owner came by today to say they would be shutting the water off while work is done to repair the well this afternoon. I shut off the city water supply and filled the fresh tank about 2/3.

I can’t make up my mind whether to drive back to Sacramento for Mother’s Day. Jeannie is the one who wants me to come, and if she asks me again I won’t be able to say no very easily. I’m worried about sitting for the two hour drive each way affecting whatever this pain is. I took two ibuprofen today but it hasn’t seemed to make a difference, so I’ll just wait and see. So far today we’ve been missing each other’s phone calls.

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One Response to Improvement, maybe?

  1. judilyn says:

    Do you do any exercises for your sciatica? I have had it since 1989, but in the last nine years have been doing some pretty good exercises to help keep it under control.I would be glad to share the exercises with you, if you are interested. Virtual hugs, Judie Ashford

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