Coffee Maker – another post

I am so happy that Dione from the Nu Wa forum commented on my coffee maker dilemma, because I phoned Melitta and asked if I needed an additional $46 contraption or whether the picture on their website was what I would receive – 10 cup glass pot, cone filter, lid for pot. She assured me that it is a complete system at $14.99 + shipping + California tax, required because I’m having it shipped to this state. So that problem is solved and I will be able to enjoy wonderful coffee while I’m performing never-ending maintenance on my rig!

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One Response to Coffee Maker – another post

  1. Gypsy!!! Not to worry…the things you are speaking of…screws and hinges…not a big problem. Take a tooth pick and put the glue on it. stick the tooth pick in the hold and let the glue dry and then screw the screw in and bingo you’ll be fixed up.

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