Jaunt to Chico Chico

I made a trip to Chico today because I wanted to get some things there for the camping trip plus to take to Lassen. I bought so much meat that I don’t know if I can fit it into the freezer. I bought a family pack of boneless pork chops – 9 chops in the pkg – but they were much thicker than I like to cook and I just finished slicing them in half. If I had a good sharp knife and wasn’t afraid I’d cut myself and bleed to death, I could easily have gotten 3 chops each out of a couple of them. Then I got a family pack of ground beef and also repackaged them into 1# and 1-1/2# packages. I haven’t gotten around to doing the chicken yet. After a few times of opening the freezer to put the meat in, the gasket fell loose – AGAIN! I have had service twice on the gaskets and they still fail. I have a call in for the repair man, but will buy some superglue in case it happens again at Lassen. I would never recommend a Dometic fridge, although I have heard that Norcold is just about the same.

I didn’t have a tarp, so bought a pack of two at Costco. They are large ones and I hope I never have to use one, but of course I’m looking at the worst case scenario.

Thanks for the many kind words on my post yesterday. One thing I forgot to mention is the awning. It is so wide that I wouldn’t dare try to lower it myself, plus it looks like there are a couple of steps to it rather than just pulling down on the hook. I envy anyone who can just press a button and lower & raise the awning, because it would be nice to use. Mine is going to stay rolled up until it falls off, I’m afraid.

Coming out of Costco I looked to the left and didn’t I see two Lance truck campers on display! One was rather small and compact, maybe suitable for weekend trips for one person or a couple. The other was gorgeous! It had a sink with decent size bowl plus a narrower space for rinsing; a slide out for the kitchen range and storage cabinets; a comfortable booth dinette across from the kitchen, and a wet bath with large rectangular shower pan. The bedroom was spacious with room to stand on either side of the bed, (so making the bed would be easy); sliding mirrored closet doors, and some other cabinets & drawers. I couldn’t live in it with the two dogs, but I think it would be enough space for me by myself. I don’t know a thing about getting one on or off the truck (or the truck under the camper as the case might be), but it sure looked nice. I would miss a couch or recliner for nap time, although a good padded outdoor lounge chair might suffice. Believe it or not, there are lots of folks who full time in a TC, and I read their posts on the Woodall’s forum, which has become one of my favorite forums.

And speaking of a nap………………zzz!

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3 Responses to Jaunt to Chico Chico

  1. Hi Gypsy. You couldn’t nap in the overcab bed?I like the floor plan of the slide-in campers. The upper bed is not so high to get in and out of, like the Class C’s. I had one, many years ago.They have hydraulic or electric jacks to get them on and off the truck.I never used my awning for the same reason. A little screen house over a picnic table, was more handy.Happy Trails, Penny, TX

  2. Hembree says:

    Well Gypsy…I too am having refrigerator problems…as in it’s not working at all! Something about the flue baffle????….Baffles me for sure…and since my last escapade with the awning…we’ve got one of those one-button ones on order right now!!!…

  3. rickd says:

    I smiled reading about trying to fit Costco size packages into an RV sized freezer – we have the same problem. It’s a good thing we don’t really have room for their giant muffins, pies and huge cookie packages or I’d be filling our cupboards with them too!! Great, intersting blog – it’s on our favourite list now!

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