Correction, 2nd post today

I think I need to make a correction about my description of the Lance truck camper I saw at Costco today. I said the one I really liked had a wet bath, but in fact, it is what they call a dry bath. I am not so familiar with terminology as it relates to a TC, but a wet bath means the shower is over the sink/toilet and it gets the entire room wet! The dry bath means there is a separate shower and thereby keeps the toilet and sink from being inundated. If I’m wrong again, somebody please correct me. (I guess you could say I have a “wet kitchen” because when I do dishes the entire area gets inundated, hahaha._

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2 Responses to Correction, 2nd post today

  1. Sandra says:

    My kitchen is the same, Gypsy so it’s not just you. I’m forever cleaning up water!

  2. Cedar ... says:

    How about putting one of those swivel attachements on the end of your faucet. It has screening in it so there is no direct force of water into the sink and it’s very handy for pointing the water flow where you want it. I can’t do without one!

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