Such a simple procedure –

Changing out propane tanks. I can’t express in words how I have always dreaded performing this task, and I’m a bit embarrassed to admit that until today I had never done it from start to finish. While I was in Asheville for a week there were wonderful staff who did everything for me; once I got to Sacramento my wonderful son, Steve, usually did the job, and sometimes I called the mobile service that came out to Cal Expo, removed the tanks and filled them, then put them back into place. One time I was waiting for Steve and took the empty tanks out of the storage compartment, drove over to U Haul where I had them filled and drove back, to find Steve waiting so I let him put the full tanks back.

TA DA, today I did the whole thing and to tell the truth I don’t know what I was so worried about. It went smoothly. I drove the half mile to Sportsman’s Market, set the empties on the tailgate, and the owner took them out, filled them, and put them back into my truck. I had to lift them out once I got back, no easy job as they are pretty heavy. I sure hope no one was around to hear my comments as I carried those suckers to the rig. The thing that had worried me the most was connecting the lines, but it was a piece of cake. Actually the worst part was setting the full tanks inside that tray without demolishing it. After I had connected them, I immediately came inside and fired up the stove burners and turned on the water heater, so I’m satisfied I did it correctly. If anyone has a comment, particularly if the stove and water heater do not necessarily constitute a valid test, just go ahead and burst my bubble and let me know!

It is another hot day but not quite as bad as the past two. I’m doing without air conditioning today, and tomorrow is predicted to be about 10 degrees cooler. It isn’t half bad sitting outside in the shade because there is a good breeze, but hot is hot, and with all the sunscreen I have applied, a 10 minute dog walk makes my skin red.

Some of the trees here are still dropping millions of little blossoms or seeds everywhere. When the dogs sit outside their fur gets full of them. My hair gets full of them (I cover my beer glass so it doesn’t get full of them.). I left my truck windows open since yesterday and the front seat was covered with them when I got in it today. I will definitely have to sweep off the tops of the slides before moving this weekend.

In preparation for moving I turned the dining table back around to its proper position. I had turned it sideways, opened out the extra leaf, and shoved it against the window. This gave me much more room for my computer monitor, keyboard & mouse, as well as the notebooks, pens, and all the junk that one tends to deposit in the nearest accessible space. This way is necessary for movng, but I will definitely change it again when I’m parked at Lassen for a few months.

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4 Responses to Such a simple procedure –

  1. Vera says:

    Gypsy, best to take some soap and water and test the connections at the tank for bubbles. No bubbles means a good connections but if bubbles occur you need to tighten the connection or replace the rubber o ring on the connectors.Good luck.

  2. Mike Goad says:

    Gypsy, The hardest part of those bottles are lifting them into place. I never used the soap and water test, but, then again, I usually tightened them up so much to begin with that if there had been a leak I would not have been able to get them any tighter.We’re currently camped in a KOA in Harper’s Ferry, West Virginia. If we had been dry camping instead, we would have been using a bit more propane as it has been pretty cool at night. In fact, a large part of this area had a FROST ADVISORY last night!Mike GoadHaw Creek Out ‘n About

  3. JB says:

    Sounds like ya dun good to me.

  4. Way to go Gypsy!! You make all of us single women look good. Have a great weekend!You can find me at J (

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