Oops–Awning closed! (2nd post Wednesday); Another Correction

I was reading the manual on how to open and close the awning. As most manuals are, this one’s instructions and sketches are virtually undecipherable. So I fiddled around, came inside and did the dishes and a few other things, and then went back to try it again. I found the hook I was supposed to push with the long wand, and when I did it started retracting. The only thing making it retract slowly was the fact that I was hooked on the hook (if you can figure that out). While holding firmly to the wand with the hook on the end, that was holding back the other hook, I tried to reach the pull strap that hangs from the middle of the awning. Did I mention this awning is much too wide to suit me, and that an awning half or two-thirds the width would be more than enough? Well folks, I just couldn’t stretch far enough. I have long arms but somehow in grabbing the pull strap I must have let go of the hook, allowing the awning to snap back up before I could catch the strap. I did a real jig trying to work both ends at the same time but I guess in my senior years I just have to admit I’m not as agile as I once was.

That awning snapped with a loud noise like an explosion, then the softer sound of something rolling. I thought maybe something rolled around on the roof, so I climbed back up on the roof but nothing looked out of place up there. I didn’t check the ground on the other side of the rig to make sure something didn’t roll down there – gotta remember to do that tomorrow. When I came inside later I noticed I hadn’t shut the medicine cabinet over the sink tightly, and a few things rolled out. I hope that was what I heard, although I have a feeling it was something else.

I am going on record right now vowing to never use that dumb awning again. It’s just a good thing I only had it extended a little way. If it had been all the way down it probably would have knocked the entire 5ver off level!

ANOTHER CORRECTION: I was reading my entries for the past few days. I realize I sometimes call the mountains between here (the Central Valley) and the Pacific Ocean the Cascades. That is not correct, they are the Coastal Range. The Cascades begin up close to the Oregon border. At least they both begin with “C” (sounds like the chorus of an old Sesame Street tune – “C is for Cookie” – also Coastal & Cascade).

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One Response to Oops–Awning closed! (2nd post Wednesday); Another Correction

  1. Gypsy I tied about a foot long cord to that strap that you pull down so you can hold onto that and the awning doesn’t snap up by itself. Looks funky but it serves the purposeand I can do it by myself. You’re in better shape with your RV than I am at least you aren’t afraid to drive it. Together we make a good pair

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