Memorial Day; the upcoming Job

I got an early start this morning and drove the 15 miles or so to the Wal Mart at Willows. The WM at Chico has very a limited supply of items for an RV and I thought the one at Willows would be better since it is right off I-5. Not so. I did manage to spend about $220 though. I decided to put those wrap around carpet strips on the steps into the rig because Mandy has a tough time with them. She tends to slip or miss the step altogether, but I think it’s because of her anxiety with them. I hope this makes her feel a bit more confident. I bought a 4 month supply of glucosamine for the dogs – not quite as good as the stuff sold by PetsMart but a heckuva lot cheaper!

I got a cheap hummingbird feeder (under $5). I love to watch the hummingbirds, but have had several feeders all of which were destroyed by squirrels and bears. I’ll see how it goes with this one. I forgot to get a length of chain to hang it. I also remembered to get oil for the generator. I only bought a quart since I have no idea how much it takes and figure I can always get more even in a remote place like Lassen. I tried to think of things I needed and might have trouble getting later on.

I just love the Eureka screen tent I bought from Campmor. It is extremely easy to set up and will be easy enough to place over a picnic table. The other item I recently got in anticipation of no electric hookups was a Melitta non electric drip coffee maker. WOW – I had forgotten what coffee should taste like. My dad always drank drip coffee and from the time I was small I loved the aroma of it. I started drinking it as soon as they would let me, and have used percolators and electric drip machines, but although the electrics are a bit quicker since you don’t have to boil the water separately, I doubt if I will ever go back. There is only a rich taste to the coffee and absolutely no bitterness or aftertaste. I don’t want to use the generator early in the morning so I will have to grind the beans in the evening when I have the genny turned on for other things.

Back to shopping at WalMart, I never could find the Calgon softener. When I bought the last bottle it was with other laundry products. The trouble with WM is that they have the same item in so many different locations in the store you just don’t know where to look. I saw laundry detergent in numerous locations as well as many other products in multiple locations. That is so frustrating and unnecessary, and every time I visit one of their stores I vow it will be the last. Some day I will give up on them for good.

I finally got a foam “noodle” and cut pieces off for the bedroom slide. I have hit my head one time too many. I didn’t have it up long when a man approached from another campsite to ask where I found it. He said he had hit his head just this morning.

I still need a reclining outdoor chair; it is so much cooler out under the trees, but I guess I will take my nap on the couch this afternoon. I’m worn out by all that shopping. Now I have to stay home until next month’s $ enters my bank account, and by then I’ll be off to the wilderness. I’m looking forward to saving a bit rather than spending it, and actually having something left over at the end of the month.


I just got a phone call from the coordinator at Lassen, and my campground was officially opened this weekend. We arranged that I would drive up on this coming Thursday and stay at Manzanita Lake Campground for a night or as long as I want to, meet some of the other hosts, and then go out to Butte Lake. The site they are going to hold for me at Manzanita is a pull thru, and the host site at Butte Lake is pull thru also. I am ecstatic!

Now I’m getting scared to death. I am friendly, but not the most outgoing person in the world, and I just hope I can do a good job dealing with people. I don’t deal well with fools, so please let them go to another campground or another park!

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3 Responses to Memorial Day; the upcoming Job

  1. rickd says:

    Sounds like you had a good time shopping! I couldn’t find any Calgon at Walmart stores anywhere in California when we were down there for the winter! Picked up a few extra boxes from the Walmart here at home though.Love those pull-thrus!

  2. Regarding the “fools”, isn’t it the hosts job to drive them out?? Ha-ha, just kidding. 🙂 I don’t think many fools (in the sense that you mean) will find your little Lassen campground. And, if they do, you have a ranger right there.You are going to be a great host. Just remember how much you enjoyed the volunteers and rangers on your recent camping trip… “your” campers will feel just the same way about you!Have a great time, Marty. I hope you are able to write to your blog from time to time. Look for campers with satellite internet and ask if you can pop on for a bit…maybe bribe them with one of those loaves of homemade bread.Safe travels,Laurie

  3. P and M says:

    It sounds like everything is coming together for a wonderful summer! We’re looking forward to looking you up when we’re in the neighborhood. If we can’t contact you before we leave, we’ll just surprise you! Take care, Natasha

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