Nothing is going right

I got up this morning with the idea that I would accomplish a lot of the preparation for my trip to Lassen. First thing was to install the Pressure Pro, since it has become clear to me that no one else is going to do it. I got it working and thought “what a breeze”. The 6 sensors for the truck tires went on and programmed into the system. Then it started to beep. The pressure reading for several of the tires went steadily down. The tires looked fine so I figured I must have done something incorrectly, and I drove over to Les Schwab, god bless them! They removed the sensors, added air to the tires up to the level recommended by the tire manufacturer, and replaced the sensors. All is well, and I must not have screwed the sensors in properly. I came home to finish the installation on the 5th wheel and realized I need to bring in the slides in order to reach the valve stems. That job will have to be done last thing tomorrow. One problem with having this monitor is that I have a power source I normally use for my GPS, plus the cigarette lighter which doesn’t work. That leaves me with only being able to plug in one thing at a time. I plan to make sure my GPS is charged enough so that I can turn it on when I need directions. I don’t think I will have a problem at all finding my way without it though.

Next problem is that I have a leak at the city water intake. It is to the point where I can’t even use it, and am now on the fresh water tank & water pump. I thought I would replace the little filter screen and O ring, but can’t get to it. Also, the rubber cap that covers the fresh water intake is just about ready to fall off and get lost.

Somewhere on the way to the campground this last weekend and back here to the Park, I lost the plastic cap that covers the outside electric outlets – those just to the right of the door. What do I do if it rains? Duct tape will cover the outlets, I suppose.

Last night I tried to open the closet door to get out my vacuum cleaner and to see how much laundry I had to wash before leaving, but found the door wouldn’t open – LOCKED FROM THE INSIDE! I don’t know whose idea it was to place this kind of door handle on a closet. I’m assuming it is the same handle & lock that is on the door to the toilet room right next to it, with the little knob on the inside of the door that you turn in order to lock. On the outside is a tiny little hole, and I have used an allen wrench, several size little screwdrivers, a toothpick, and nothing works. It probably got accidental

ly locked this weekend, or I may have knocked it locked myself. I half-heartedly attempted to remove the hinges, but I know if I do I will mess something up. If all else fails…..

Then the toilet is presenting a big problem in that the seal doesn’t keep the fresh water in the bowl from seeping out. I have been stepping on the pedal to flush, then lifting the pedal up with gentle pressure from my foot, then adding more water with the pedal on the right. It has worked so far but I know that’s not right and at some point it won’t respond to gentle pressure.

JoAnn and Doug are driving past Orland early this afternoon and will call me when they are close – we are to meet at the Berry Patch, right off the exit ramp. I am waiting on John, the RV repairman, who was 10 or 15 miles up the road in Corning this morning but who will call me when he is on his way back. I have to stay and wait however long it takes for him to get here, as I really need to get these issues cleared up before I leave for Lassen on Thursday morning.

Later –

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4 Responses to Nothing is going right

  1. Bob says:

    Sorry to hear about the problems Gypsy.You can get a plug that plugs right into your lighter plug or “power point”. It turns the single plug into two or three plugs. They are cheap. less than $5.Good luck. Bob

  2. Sandra says:

    Sounds like you need to replace the rubber seal in your toilet. It means taking the toilet apart. We have to do ours about once a year.Just because you’re not in a sticks and bricks doesn’t mean there isn’t maintenance and problems cropping up. It’s always something!

  3. rickd says:

    Sorry to hear about your rv repair problems. But, the good news is, it sounds like they’re all pretty minor and shouldn’t be expensive or long to fix. I had a similar water intake valve leak and changed the old plastic fitting to a brass one and its been perfect ever since. For power in my truck, I use a small 300W inverter plugged into the 12V(cigarette lighter) that gives me a couple of a/c outlets to plug my gps and/or laptop etc. into.

  4. Hembree says:

    A wire coat hanger tip will get you in that closet!

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