Well, it’s getting better – Tuesday 2nd post

Things didn’t turn out so bad after all. John made it here in time to check out the problems with the rig, and I met Doug and JoAnn after all. I took my camera with me and forgot to get pictures. Next time.

Now I know how to get into the closet if it ever gets locked from the inside again. John stopped the leak at the fresh water intake, and will install a part tomorrow to prevent it from happening again. He will also bring a cap for the outside electric outlets. And I know what I can spray on the toilet seal to keep the water from leaking out – hopefully. At least it will work for the time being.

It is terribly hot this afternoon and I’m sitting outside with my laptop, the dogs enjoying the breeze. They both shed quite a lot, but since Lady went swimming a couple of times at the lake over the weekend, she seems to have lost the rest of her winter coat. It usually comes out in tufts.

So all’s well that ends well. I am so glad to be able to spend even a short time with Doug and JoAnn. Now I have to decide whether to vacuum the carpet or do laundry, or maybe just sit outside for a while. Guess which one will win?

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2 Responses to Well, it’s getting better – Tuesday 2nd post

  1. Sandra says:

    Oh, tell me what to spray on the toilet ring, PLEASE!!!

  2. Jim and Dee says:

    And did you get into the closet?

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