2nd Post on Monday

Two drivers came at mid-day and towed my rig about 10 miles away to a truck repair shop where a very good temporary fix was made. I am back at the RV park tonight and will leave as soon as I can get away tomorrow, headed for Chanute Kansas. Hopefully I won’t have to be there very long – the RV park near my son in NY is open until Sep 30, with limited sites until Oct 30 – no doubt with no water. I don’t mind that so much as long as I have electricity.

So I will just travel down to I-80 and head east into Nebraska, and figure out in a day or so where I will turn south. Trying to arrange everything with the insurance company and the Nu Wa Company, by phone and email, is not easy. But little by little things are being accomplished, but I am mentally and emotionally exhausted.

I will post from somewhere in Wyoming tomorrow – at least I hope to get to Wyoming.

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3 Responses to 2nd Post on Monday

  1. Nu Wa is one of the best built 5th wheels in the nation, and the folks at the factory will make your rig like new again. These things happen, so don't worry about it too much. Everything will be fine in the end. Loyce and I live on the very South side of Kansas City, and not too far from where you are going. If we can help in any way please let us know.Rod

  2. Hi Gypsy Woman,I know that feeling of mental and emotional exhaustion when we travel solo – I think we underestimate at times our need to talk things through with another person and also to have another to share the uncertainties.You sound a little discouraged. I hope you are able to enjoy NE. I went through there this summer – for a few days and I could have stayed for weeks. I loved Lake McConaughy and Scott's Bluff.Safe travels!Julie

  3. Tim says:

    Pretty soon your camper will be like new – you are a very brave lady. We have a hitchhiker also and just love it but I do not pull it – scares me to death. Keep the smile on your face and remember everything material can be replaced.

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