Just a quick post

I’ve spent a big part of today with family, and my grandsons bring me such joy. Tomorrow morning as early as I can get started, I am going to drive to Ara’s college in Pennsylvania and get her to medical care. Of all times for it to happen, the college is closed and practically no one on campus until next Wednesday. Everything, including the cafeteria, is closed. She is very sick and seems to be getting worse, to the point where her breathing is affected. I know I can’t possibly get there before Noon, but I will then take her to the nearest emergency room. Her primary medical coverage is with Kaiser Permanente in CA, and for some reason they can only call a prescription to a CVS or Walgreens pharmacy. The nearest one of those is in State College, PA, at least a 45 minute drive away, and nearly impossible for a 20 year old who is sick and without a car or anyone nearby. So Grandma is on the way, and I just hate it that I can’t drive at night or I would leave now.

I may or may not post the next couple of days, but I certainly will update the blog when I get back.

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8 Responses to Just a quick post

  1. Oh dear, Gypsy, I hope Ara's condition is not serious, and that she gets well soon.Grandma to the rescue, how sweet of you.Please keep us posted.Happy Trails, Penny, TX

  2. May the winds of wellness be at your back.

  3. Sandra says:

    What a good Grandma you are! I hope Ara will get well quickly!

  4. Our very best for Ara. Take care!

  5. Margie M. says:

    Gypsy, my thoughts and prayers will be with you and your precious Ara as you ride to the rescue. We will all be waiting to hear from you again soon. Be safe, and drive carefully.

  6. LindaSue says:

    My thoughts are with you. Drive safe and take care of the little one. I know the urgency you feel, but you have to drive safe to get there and do what you need to do to get her taken care of. That is what this great life you are leading allows you to do. Just think if you were stationary and a thousand miles away. So all the little problems that come your way with the travel route are meaningless when you are able to do what you are getting ready to take care of the granddaughter.Stay safe and know that there are many people who are with you in thought. When you can give us a heads up to know that she is ok.Later hugs

  7. Vera says:

    Gypsy, I am feeling for you. Drive safely and I hope all will be well. Hope we hear good news soon.

  8. Cedar ... says:

    I am just catching up with your blog again,.. sure hope Ara is going to be ok. Doesn't look like you will be getting this far north so we can GTG, maybe another time. Safe traveling to you!

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