November 9, a memorable day for me

My beautiful daughter, Jeannie, was born on Nov. 9. She was and has always been a wonderful daughter, even though she and I both agree it isn’t easy raising a Scorpio child, especially when I’m a Scorpio myself). She has grown to become an intelligent and self-confident woman, loving, thoughtful, and the list goes on. One of the best things is that she is such a great mother herself, and her daughters are very lucky to have her for a mom.

November 9 is also the birthday of my aunt Rachel (who is also my godmother), as well as my brother-in-law, Mitsuo.

I wore myself out before Noon today, trying to make some order of my kitchen cabinets. So far I’ve only done two of them. I miss my big kitchen with loads of cabinets, where my spices could be neatly organized on turntables, in alphabetical order. That is one of the few compulsions I have, but it’s been overcome by living with an RV kitchen. At least they are in a little better order now. I am still discovering dust and grime from being at Lassen this past summer. Will I ever get it all?

To reward myself I went back to Ingles supermarket and bought two more slices of pie – cherry, and peach praline – since I still have ice cream left.

If you can stand one more item about grits, I ran across a cookbook while in my cleaning frenzy, simply entitled “Corn”. I love the recipe for cornmeal cheese souffle, for which you can use cornmeal or grits. I am not a fancy cook. I have never made a souffle before this one, and I doubt I’ll every try a different one. But this works and is so good I thought I would pass it along in the event anyone is interested. If so, you can drop me an email at, or simply reply on the comment form. If enough folks would like it I will probably add it as a special post to my blog, appropriately titled so that folks who don’t like grits can avoid it altogether.

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