A cold wind blowing

My last day in Asheville is the most uncomfortable to me yet. At least it seems to be the coldest but that is no doubt because of the wind blowing. The heat, set at about 50, kept recycling on and off throughout the night although the outside temp this morning was a balmy 40F!

I took care of the remaining few chores before leaving tomorrow morning – both tanks of propane were empty, and one of them emptied out during the night with the furnace running so often. I fueled up and hopefully I can drive straight through without needing to get fuel – I’d rather do that after I unhitch. I understand that sunset is somewhere around 5:15 pm in Savannah, and since I have to back into the site I need to get there so as to give me plenty of daylight to get the job done. I backed the truck up to the hitch and it looks to be in a good position to hitch without difficulty. I had thought I would do that this evening but will wait until morning, unless I get a sudden urge this evening to go take care of it. I am waffling about it because I’m not sure if I should pull in the slides while doing the actual hitching up process, and then put them back out for tonight. I really doubt that it matters a whole lot.

When I came back to the park after getting fuel I noticed a rig going the wrong way into a pull through site, and thought to myself he was going to find the connections on the wrong side of his 5ver. Now I see that he is parked door to door with a brand new Jayco Eagle, and is undoubtedly transferring his possessions from the old Wildcat to the new Eagle. I wonder if I’ll ever be able to do that, although it isn’t really all that important to me in the grand scheme of things.

This program will be brought to you from sunny Savannah tomorrow, if I can get a connection. Until then – so long and stay well.

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12 Responses to A cold wind blowing

  1. Safe travels, Gypsy! We look forward to hearing from you from Savannah. Take care.

  2. Sandra says:

    Safe travels and good luck with that back in site.

  3. Leno says:

    Will be thinking of you tomorrow on the road. Please drive safely. Look forward to hearing from you from Savannah. Never have been there..Leno

  4. ladydiga says:

    Have a safe trip! Are you hooking up on Tybee at the campground? It's cold here!! ARRGH!Take care! LadyDi Savannah/Tybee

  5. Have a safe trip, Gypsy! I'm not sure I'd want to hitch up the 5'er with the slides out though – it's not a recommended procedure. When you backup and hitch, there is some movement and although it's not likely, it still could, cause some problems.

  6. I can hardly wait to read your impressions of Savannah when you get settled and have some time. Hope your journey was a safe one and that all went smooth.

  7. Vera says:

    I wish you a safe trip and hopefully warmer weather. Good luck with hitching and unhitching. Glad it's you and not me :-)it would terrify me. You are very adventurous.

  8. Happytrails says:

    Just found your blog and have really enjoyed reading about your full-time adventures. I look forward to catching up on your entries. We began full-timing in August and are truely enjoying the lifestyle.Drive safely and enjoy your trip to Savannah.Mike and Gerri (happytrails)

  9. Margie M. says:

    Wishing you safe travels to Georgia. I'm sure you'll do fine with the back in site….you're a veteran now! Looking forward to reading about your time in Savannah.

  10. Safe travels gypsy.You will just be fine making your move,I'm sure.Hopefully warmer weather will greet you.

  11. Well, are ya there yet?? :))

  12. Gypsy, I made it to Fort Stockton by 3:30 (with a time zone change). I'm staying in a PA park…the usual fairground type parking. Hope you made it to Savannah!

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