Ft. Pulaski N.M., Savannah GA

I finally got here, and who all said I shouldn’t have much traffic on a Sunday morning? I-95 surprised me with the constant traffic in both lanes, vehicles going 70+ mph with very little space in between. It is unnerving to see nothing but cars and trucks in such numbers and they are constantly hitting their brakes. Why not just leave more space? I think this area must have a lot of Baltimore-Washington, DC area transplants, because that is a feature of driving in the Capital region.

I’m here at the Fort! First of all, there won’t be a permanent space for me until sometime Tuesday, so I am set up on the “river side” which is quite attractive except away from the other volunteers. One of them told me that cargo ships & boats go up and down the river all night long, and that there is a lot of noise at the spot I’m in now. But I’m quite happy to just be here and set up on a concrete pad, open the slides, doors & windows, and hook up to electric, water and sewer. I’ll move over when the space is vacated on Tuesday.

I first went to the visitor center as the woman at the gate told me Ron (vol. coordinator) was working there today. We met and he gave me some info about what I’ll be doing – it looks like I’ll be working at the bookstore, and other jobs as needed. My training will evidently encompass a variety of jobs.

Pardon the interruption, but what looks to be a small trawler is just going soundlessly by my site. I didn’t think trawling was still done, but it is definitely a fishing boat with big nets. Shrimp maybe? Trawling wastes a lot of fish, so I hope they don’t do that here.

Back to the Fort, there is a bookstore in the Visitors Center as well as one at the Fort itself, and of course you know where I want to be. This is a gorgeous place to be, and as soon as I got out of the truck to go over to the VC I sensed that it is sacred ground. I can’t wait to learn all the history of it and explore the area.

As you can tell, my aircard is working although slow as molasses.

I need to get back to my set-up now, and may write more later but probably tomorrow. Thanks so much for all the comments regarding my plight yesterday. I’ll get over it eventually and I just hope things go smoothly for me for a while. I dislike the 5th wheel the more I have to move it, which isn’t a good attitude. I’m either going to find something else or to park the 5th someplace, stay put and just live in it. That will be my last choice though.

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11 Responses to Ft. Pulaski N.M., Savannah GA

  1. I understand your frustrations with towing a fifth wheel very well. Any trailer!! Maybe things will settle down to a dull roar now that you have landed. And by the way, if you want to get out of all that traffic chaos & people, people, everywhere……."head west young girl, heat west:))"

  2. Oooops, that word heat in previous post should have said….. head!!

  3. Glad to see you made it safely, hopefully you can now sit back and relax a bit.

  4. Jim and Dee says:

    I guess you got parked by yourself? It's great you'll be there awhile, sounds awesome! Hows your hand?

  5. Glad to hear you've arrived safely! Hope you can kick back, relax and watch the boats go by for a day or two. You deserve it!

  6. Leno says:

    So glad you have arrived.. I heard on chat last night about your mishap. So sorry for your troubles Gypsy.. Time now to relax for a few months.

  7. Don't throw in the towel yet. Give yourself some time and try deep breathing exercises.

  8. Vera says:

    I can hear your sigh of relief! Good for you, you made it. One more move and you are done for awhile. I would definitely opt for a motorhome. Hope you find something suitable.

  9. Margie M. says:

    Good to read you got to Ft Pulaski safely after your tire mishap. How long are you staying there in Savannah? Hope you enjoy the jobs they give you at the fort, and I look forward to reading all the details. Have fun!

  10. Donna says:

    Thanks for your blogs and your honesty and willingness to be vulnerable. You seem like a very courageous woman and are a good role model for other single women wanting to hit the road. I plan to get a motorhome; I know driving a 5er would be too much.In my sometimes painful journey, I've learned that getting to the question "what next?" means the journey has already started. Cheers.

  11. Rae says:

    You're workamping at Ft Pulaski? If so, you are very lucky. What a beautiful spot with interesting history! I was particularly impressed by the exterior wall showing all that canon damage.

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