Tired, after a long day at work

Today seemed to be longer than usual, although we were busy with lots of people in the Visitors Center. I worked there all day with Mary, and I was glad she was there to answer a lot of the questions that were asked. I do pretty well with the questions I normally get at the Sutler Store, but I don’t know very much about the VC or the kinds of things people ask while there. Thomas “held down the fort” at the Fort. That man has such charisma, and of course the wonderful aroma of the wood fire helps pull the people into the store after taking the guided tour and watching the musket demonstration. So while I love the work I do I was glad when closing time came and I could go home, knowing I have to go back tomorrow.

Two of the Maintenance people are leaving so a lunch was provided at the Maint. Center today. I went over with Patty (the Ranger) and enjoyed hamburgers, baked beans,fruit salad, chips, and peach cobbler. All this and I didn’t even have to do any of the cooking! I ate a full meal and that is probably why I was so tired as the afternoon went on.

My air card antenna arrived today and I have it hooked up and in use. I can’t tell for sure if things are working any better, but I notice it seems to be running a little faster. I can give a better review when I’ve used it for a while.

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One Response to Tired, after a long day at work

  1. Jim and Dee says:

    That's great the booster arrived! Now if you can do comments on the blogs, it's worth it.

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