Now, I ask you . . .

. . .could it get any worse??? I could cry, but am now to the point of laughing, because nothing I do lately turns out right. I’m in one of those slumps I guess, and everyone probably has them now and then.

I decided to fry a pound of bacon. Well, not exactly a pound because the food processors like to trick you into thinking you’re getting a pound – the package is still the same size – whereas in reality they’ve removed about 4 oz. (or more) of bacon and no doubt raised the price! So I fried the entire less-than-a-pound, figuring I will use most of it in bacon fried rice, when I get around to making it, and maybe crumble the rest of it into some grits. I wrapped it in paper towels and set it on a plate which I covered with foil, and into the fridge it went. When I did the frying I collected the bacon grease into a glass cup, intending to jump start my arteries one of these days with a couple of eggs fried in honest-to-goodness bacon grease. I covered the cup with foil and while holding the cup of grease in my right hand, went to open the fridge door with my right hand, dropping the cup in the process.

The bacon grease ran everywhere – on the floor and no doubt under the fridge and the cabinets in the vicinity. I did a quick mop up with paper towels, followed by a clean-up with Dawn dish detergent, and then a scrub with a wet swiffer pad. By the time I got to the swiffer pad the grease had started to solidify since the floor is colder than the countertop. I think some of it splashed into the box of electrical circuit breakers and fuses which is below the fridge. So what is left is about a teaspoon of bacon grease in the cup, which I am damn well going to save and use when I fry eggs for breakfast on my next day off.

Why didn’t I just let it cool and solidify while sitting on the countertop? I was in such a hurry to put it away, and my friends, that is why I prefer to be a terrible housekeeper. Whenever I attempt to clean up and clear off and be a neatnik, terrible things happen to me.

Thankfully I saw humor in the situation, and I don’t even think I cussed, which I plan to do as soon as I publish this 2nd post for my Sunday off work!

After I published this post I heard Lady licking something and didn’t pay much attention to it – thought she was just grooming herself. I just got up to look, and she is cleaning the grill on the electric panel! A dog’s work is never done!

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12 Responses to Now, I ask you . . .

  1. Vera says:

    I hope your floor does not have carpet!!! I used to have a kitchen carpet and the same thing happened to me actually more than once. I made blackberry jam one time and the whole works went on that floor while still hot!! What a mess that was but I was able to clean it up. Keep smiling!!! Worse things could happen.

  2. Anne says:

    You kept me laughing for the entire post. Thanks for making my evening.

  3. gumo says:

    Yes, I am also in one of those after Christmas-cabin fever-sick of the freezing temperatures funks. But your post today helped to ease the misery. Thanks very much!

  4. Belle Starr says:

    I'm on your side Gypsy….neatniks drive me bonkers & there's no point in us normal dirt hugger folks trying to emulate their obsessive ways. You handled your greasy mess like a trooper. And just think….while all that was happening it totally took your mind off your miserable weather. See, everything happens for a reason. Let the good times roll Gypsy:))

  5. Belle Starr says:

    Gypsy….That last comment wasn't actually from Belle Starr. I was working on Belle's blog & had forgot to sign out of Gmail before reading your blog. Anyway, it' me Al from The Bayfield Bunch just in case it puts Belles name in again. Happened to me a few days ago while leaving a comment on Rick's blog too. I just gotta get myself a whole smarter here!!

  6. A little bacon grease won't ever hurt anything, Gypsy. I thought you'd use what's left to make those horrible "grits" though!

  7. I'll scrub the floor if I can come over for grits!

  8. Margie M. says:

    Guess you better start frying up some more bacon! You'll have to replenish that bacon grease supply.

  9. Oh Gypsy.. you are just delightful, totally delightful! Keep on posting, keep on RVing, keep on being YOU!

  10. Boy oh boy! I've been there and done that too.Now I buy the precooked bacon in a box.More expensive but no hassle,just put a couple of slices on a paper towel in the microwave for 20 seconds and done….No fuss,no muss.

  11. Renee says:

    Oh my oh my…I laughed myself silly reading your post! Especially since I did this myself not so long ago! I also ended up slipping on it (lino floor!)… landing smack on my rearend on the bacon grease and then proceeded to sliiiiide into a cupboard! As I lay there laughing, I turned my head only to see our little dog licking away as fast as she could! As for the cleanup…well our pooch still seems to like licking in that area! Works for me!

  12. Bob says:

    I smell bacon! When Sue and I come to visit you Gypsy, we will being the eggs. Bob

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