Extra (2nd) post, Feb. 15

Ellen, a volunteer who lives next door to me, just knocked on my door to tell me to come out and look at the gorgeous rainbow in the sky. I could only get a decent picture of part of it as the other end was starting to fade away, although I could still see the entire bow quite well.

I also got a picture looking south –

And one looking toward Savannah –

I know the photos could be sharpened, enhanced, or whatever, but I don’t know how to do it. The actual sky was an unbelieveable sight, in all directions.

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4 Responses to Extra (2nd) post, Feb. 15

  1. Very nice rainbow shots, Gypsy. Those kinds of pics are very hard to get! Nice job!

  2. Vera says:

    Beautiful sunset and rainbow. Nice of your neighbor to call you for that.

  3. Jim and Dee says:

    That was well worth the shots, how beautiful!

  4. Wished we were close enough to come over & help you with some of that Picasa photo stuff but your doing pretty darn good without it so far.

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