Cal Expo

This time last year I stayed at Cal Expo and was happy as a clam (I’m assuming clams are happy). They gave me a site at the end of a row and I had plenty of room, and so did everyone else in the vicinity. This year I am in a different row and in the middle. I’ve already written about how, with the lot nearly empty, they put me in a site next to a large electric box as well as some sort of vent pipe. I moved from that site but just over a couple of spaces and thought everything would be ok.

Most people with 5th wheels park their truck perpendicular to the front cap and it works out just fine – enough room to pull in and pull out without coming close to the vehicle next to you. Yesterday someone pulled their 5ver in next to me and then pulled their vehicle between our two rigs. Because the 5vers were not aligned perfectly at the front end, I had an impossible space to pull into between the two RV’s. I had to pull in on the other side of my RV and barely had enough room to open the truck door without banging the rig. When these folks drove out this morning I pulled my truck around and parked it as I usually do. They were disturbed on their return, and pulled their truck between our rigs from the back end – they are so close to me that I couldn’t walk between their truck and my slide.

They will probably leave soon and I will again be in the middle of an empty lot next week, so I am not going to let it worry me, but I just wonder whatever happened to common courtesy. I might add that it would work perfectly if they would just park like all the other 5th wheels in the park. I didn’t take up any room from their site, and they didn’t actually take up room from mine – they just made it so that I had no way to park my truck. For some reason, the space between me and the toy hauler on the other side is much more narrow, so that is why I had difficulty pulling in between.

Well that’s the big story in my day so far, so you know how boring it is. I could have gone somewhere, but just didn’t have the energy to make the move. I keep telling myself that I need the rest, but that excuse is getting old by now.

The wind has returned, but only in a now-and-then gust, which surprises me when it happens.

I’m going to set my clocks ahead tonight, and if I still have it wrong I hope someone will let me know. I read an article this morning about how daylight savings time actually costs more in energy than it saves. I have thought that all along, especially when the change was extended for a couple more months on each end. Since we will be rising an hour earlier, closer to the coldest part of the night, we are more likely to turn on the heat early in the morning. Conversely, towards late summer we are arriving home at the hottest part of the day necessitating using the A/C for a longer period. So some businesses and corporations are making money on this tampering with the time, and it certainly isn’t for our health or benefit. By the way, Lady votes FOR the time change since her need for walks still occur on Eastern time.

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7 Responses to Cal Expo

  1. Spring forward, fall back! Set clock ahead one hour tonight.

  2. Even in the RV world, common courtesy has gone the way of the Dodo bird in many cases. Rude & discourteous people are everywhere & I think it's just a sign of the times. It's not the world you & I grew up in Gypsy. That world is long gone….except in our memories:((

  3. Jim and Dee says:

    I never understood the time change. I'm from Indiana, we NEVER changed time. Heard a report that there's more heart attacks than any other time of the year with that one hour time change. We'll just ignore it, we're retired. REPORT: (The risk of heart attack is nearly 2 per cent higher on the Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday immediately following the spring changeover, which typically sees adults lose an hour or so of beauty rest.)

  4. I don't wear a watch, and my computer automatically goes ahead an hour, so I don't have to worry about the time change. I figure if I just stay in bed for an extra hour tomorrow morning, then all's well. As for the guy who parked next to your rig, like Al says, some people are just born DoDo birds! Hope they're gone tomorrow.

  5. Hembree says:

    My Tez is one of the most courteous young men I've ever known..and I can't take credit for that…he was that way when he became mine…BUT… since we've introduced him to camping…I've seen him become even more courteous…So Gypsy…there is hope that people aren't all going to be like your neighbors…

  6. Debbie Goode says:

    Yeah, we run in to those inconsiderate folks once in a while too! Hopefully, you are right and they will leave soon. Just keep smiling….and parking your truck exactly where you want!

  7. Debbie Goode says:

    I almost forgot….you asked about the "tape" between the seams on my paint mural post. My tape is well adhered so I just painted right over it without any problems. I would suggest either regluing a loose strip or removing it and filling the seam with spackle!

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